Based on the Four Points for Revitalization recommended by Mainstreet Ohio, the following committees have been organized for Napoleon Alive, Inc.:

Organizational Committee - builds the organizational framework that represents the diverse groups and businesses in the community. Works to provide for organizational development, financing options, marketing assistance and training opportunities.

Promotional Committee - guides promotional efforts of various entities to sustain and improve the general image, retail events, special events and tourism.

Design and Streetscape Committee - works with the City and public to design a comprehensive streetscape and other elements to tie the downtown together. Includes traffic patterns, pedestrian traffic, signage, lighting, landscaping, design standards and historic resources.

Economic Restructuring Committee - strengthens the Downtown economic assets while expanding and diversifying its economic base. It creates an atmosphere that helps current and prospective property owners purchase, improve and maintain their properties; monitors market and cemographic information; keeps abreast of financing tools and incentives; and recruits new businesses to meet the needs identified by the community.

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